A2 Benefits - Why Us?

Benefits and Business Consulting

Businesses are facing new challenges and constant changes. Employees are driven by new employment ideals. Attracting, retaining and motivating people is more complex, and pressure for faster results and returns with limited resources is a harsh reality.

Maximizing benefit plan value and managing costs is a critical piece of a much larger puzzle. What else is needed to position your employees and business for success?

That’s where it all starts. a2 stands apart from other benefits brokers because our focus is on the total employee spend, benefits being a single piece of it. We work with you to position your business for long-term success, not just short-term savings.

There are a range of ways we support our clients. Whether it’s applying our benefits expertise by delivering new solutions to old problems, or working with you to develop an overarching business strategy that involves leveraging benefits as a powerful recruitment and retention tool, elevating human resources, automating processes, engaging employees through changes and challenges, and creatively communicating your company vision, we have the experience to move your business from chaos to clarity, and from good to great.
We bring the best of brokerage and consulting services to make a bigger impact on your business, people and bottom line.

Our experienced team looks for unique and creative solutions that get real results.

Our Method to Solving Your Madness.

Discovery: Our methodology includes a great deal of listening. In our client discovery sessions we start with a blank whiteboard to uncover your pain and priorities. 

Customized Solutions: We assess your unique situation and develop customized solutions.

Big-Picture Planning: We solve for today while we plan for tomorrow. We don’t ever lose sight of big-picture goals, developing longer term strategic plans while we tackle your immediate day-to-day concerns. 

Dream Teams: We surround your account with experts who become partners in your success. Together, we will assemble your dream team because we know that it’s more than just capabilities, it’s about chemistry too. 

Measurements and Milestones: You define success and we put measures in place. We’ll establish appropriate measurements, report on milestones, keep you informed, and make any adjustments to ensure we’re on track.

Execution: We won’t leave you with a list of recommendations; we execute strategies and implement solutions as part of your team, and won’t stop until you reach your finish line.

Results: That’s the goal and that’s what you’ll get.

If our experience and the way we work interests you, we’d love to help you move from chaos to clarity.


887 W Marietta St NW
Studio N-108
Atlanta, GA 30318