We’re dedicated to making a difference, and determined to get results.

a2 develops benefits, business, and people strategies for middle market organizations, helping you see things differently, moving you from good to great and from chaos to clarity. Our customer-focused approach means that we dig deep into the heart of your company and culture, working as partners to understand your unique challenges and goals. From there, we build and execute sustainable solutions that deliver real results. 

Expertise Beyond Benefits.

Businesses initially come to us to help them with benefits, but our engagement rarely stops there. After we sit down with them to understand more about their business and challenges, they entrust us to support them with important strategic goals or enlist us to tackle tough organizational challenges.

Our expertise and experience in benefits, strategy, human resources, benefits administration, and communication gives us the credentials to provide services beyond benefits.

These are some of the areas where we have delivered measurable results.


Bigger Thinking for Better Results. Helping leaders and employees connect the dots, close any gaps, and move the organization more rapidly to success. You define the vision and we’ll help you get closer to it.


Managing Costs and Maximizing Value. Cost management is only one area of opportunity. Maximizing plan value, integrating benefits plans into business plans, using benefits as a strategic tool to recruit and retain employees, and ensuring compliance with complex regulations are just some of the ways we can make a bigger impact on your business, people, and bottom line.

Benefits Administration

Elevating and Empowering HR. Implementing and integrating efficient technologies, processes, and plans frees human resources from tactical activities so they can focus on more strategic initiatives. Our goal is to elevate human resource teams and functions so the organization views them as critical to business success and essential to employee engagement.

Human Resources

Creating Winning Cultures and Companies. We work as partners to create highly-functioning companies and cultures where everyone is equipped, educated, and engaged.


Informing, Inspiring and Connecting Employees. Ideas, innovations, visions, goals and information delivered in ways that are believable, consumable, and compelling. We’ll help you get messages across that resonate with your most important audiences.

We Help You Succeed.

Whether you’re a startup or established, growing, changing, merging, acquiring, selling or slowing, we can help you seize opportunities, power through obstacles, hit your stride, and fast-track you to the next level of success.

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