A2 Benefits - Who We Are.

We’re a tight team that thrives on innovation, respects individuality, and loves our independence.

Our Team

Expertise and Experience.

Most people don’t make the distinction between experience and expertise. We do. We have expertise in many business areas and years of experience working together as a collaborative team.

Our leaders have deep-bench benefits experience although we tend to hire people with human resources backgrounds. We think this gives our team unique insights and understanding of the challenges many businesses face, as well as the ability to solve them.

We’re good people, we’re smart, we’re tight, and we stick with each other and our clients, and we truly love what we do.

Our Edge

Entrepreneurial. Expert. Evolving.

Entrepreneurial. Expert. Evolving. We’ll never stop looking for the next great innovation or anticipating the trends that power better performance while creating more value. We’re not just picking up where we left off, we’re looking ahead for what’s next and what’s new. And we’ve never felt more on top of our game.

Integrated. Focused. Committed. 

We don’t believe in layers, titles, or policies that create silos or separation. We’re structured to promote collaboration and creativity. We acknowledge our individual talents, but know that we are smarter and better together. 

Flexible. Agile. Proudly Independent.

Flexible. Agile. Proudly independent. We don’t answer to shareholders or corporate management; we are accountable only to you and to each other. We are able to make quick decisions, act fast, and invest in our clients. Our speed and agility means better and faster results for you.

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What Matters to Us

Integrity. We say what we mean and do what we say, being honest and transparent at all times.

Accountability. We hold ourselves accountable for delivering on our commitments and promises. We make no excuses when we make mistakes; we correct them. We don’t take credit; we give credit.

Humility. We are self-aware and we respect different perspectives and points of view, believing everyone has something valuable to contribute.

Innovation. We were casual way before it was cool and we’ll always challenge ourselves to create “Blue Oceans” of ideas and innovations that solve problems and make businesses better.

Success. When our clients succeed, we succeed. Making a positive and lasting difference to every business we serve and every person with whom we work would be an awesome win for us.

Giving Back. We believe in sharing our good fortune. We do so by contributing to the things that our customers and employees care about, investing time and money to make a difference to people, causes and communities.

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887 W Marietta St NW
Studio N-108
Atlanta, GA 30318